Sunday, June 10, 2012

Must Eats @ San Francisco, Bay Area and Los Angeles

This is a rather different and non-conventional post, not including any recipe or review. It's more of a snapshot of our trip, which was filled with food and some gorgeous varieties of food! Its amazing how, with each and every place we ate at, we made some wonderful memories. So it was only right that I share it here with you all.

There were numerous places that we went to but I'm only writing about the ones that I really really enjoyed. So in case you guys happen to be around the area, do try them out.

Also most of the restaurants that we went to were recommended by our friends and family who have been living there for quite sometime. Without them the food trip wouldn't have been as enjoyable and exciting.

So a big thank you to Shanky, Mayank, Puneet Bhaiya and Bithika Di.

 'DOSA' - One of our favourite places, undoubtedly. 
Their vada-pav was something that I had never eaten before...really awesome!
   That's habanero chilli uttapam at 'Dosa'. It leaves your face flushing, nose running and eyes watering :P
'ihop' - Their pancakes and waffels are simply yummylicious!
At the world-famous Ghirardelli Square. This place is heaven for any chocolate lover.
Imam Bayildi & Falafel plate at 'Ephesus', a Greek-Mediterranean-Turkish restaurant in Mountain View.
Hot & spicy pineapple fried rice at 'Shana Thai', Mountain View. 
Loved the sweet, spicy and tangy flavour. Would love to try this one at home ;-) 

Awesome Crepes & French toast at 'Crepevine', University Ave, Palo Alto.
'Mirchi Cafe`' is a fusion of 'Indo-Pakistani' & 'Ital-American' style food. 
Its located near Fremont. Their aloo-tikki burger is a must try!
Pizza at 'Giovanni's', Sausalito. The cheese on the pizza was so very fresh and it simply tasted heaven!
The Cheesecake Factory. In case you are wondering what exactly that 
chocolaty things is, its Godiva cheesecake!! Need I say more..??
Mouthwatering Cupcakes at Kara!
Boudin Bakery at Embarcadero, San Francisco, is world-famous for its
original San Francisco sourdough french bread, which is baked with the same 'Mother Dough' used since 1849!
Healthy & refreshing salad at 'Sprouts Cafe`', University Ave, Palo Alto.
Good food with an amazing view at 'The Waterfront' restaurant in Foster City.
Irish Coffee at the famous Buena Vista Cafe`, Fisherman's Wharf. Its the 'House of Irish coffee' in the US.
Farmers Market at The Grove, Los Angeles.

Enjoyed a voluptuous meal at Shamshiri, a Persian restaurant located in Westwood, Los Angeles.
800 Degrees is a pizzeria located in Westwood, Los Angeles.
The pizzas here are freshly made, right in front of you with toppings of your choice.


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man i gotta go san francisco!

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The pics are just so amazing..thank u for sharing this, a great post after such a long time. Loved it :)

sunil deepak said...

This post is a nightmare for someone trying to diet! Lovely pics though :)

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Words to be read and digested...

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Amazing the visit was worth…