Saturday, May 14, 2011

Delhi Must Visit : Karim's

Karim's is one of the most popular restaurants in Delhi that serves the best non-vegetarian food. Time Magazine ranks Karim's amongst the top restaurants in Asia. Its tucked away in a narrow hidden lane (Gali Kababiyaan) opposite Jama Masjid in Purani Dilli. Karim's traces back its pedigree to the royal kitchen of the Mughal Emperor Bahadurshah Jafar.

Karim's is a Manna from Heaven for all the non-vegetarians. Their Mutton Burra, Seekh Kababs and Chicken Burra are absolutely mouth watering. The Kababs are soft, tender and the best I have ever had.

The food here is cooked according to age old recipes. The Jahangiri Murg and the Mutton Korma are simply unbeatable (Cholesterol watchers keep away). Sheermal, a thick and slightly sweet bread (prepared with wheat flour and yeast) tastes great with delicious (and greasy) gravy. Its definitely an interesting deviation from the regular tandoori nans and roti. Karim's also offers stuffed keema paranthas (minced mutton). The biryanis served here is somewhat different. Its without gravy and a bit sweet.

Any meal at Karim's is incomplete without the Kheer, It is served in shallow earthenware bowl and is a perfect end to a perfect and satisfying meal.

PS : The decor at Karim's is a nondescript. It has a typical dhaba like setting. But then nobody goes to Karim for the ambiance, everybody goes there for the food which is simply delicious.

Location : Near Jama Masjid, Gali Kababian Old Delhi.

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alkanarula said...

jahangiri murg is my fav fav fav fav fav:) try al-kauser for kakoris if u havent already