Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Parantha Plaza, Bangalore

A food stall located in JP Nagar that serves scrumptious parathas. The paranthas are hot, spicy and completely stuffed.
Besides this, they have this very interesting menu, where they serve more than 20 different stuffings of paratha's with very interesting and witty 'nomenclature'.
The stuffing varies from aloo-pyaz (potato-onion), gobhi (cauliflower) and sattu to smashed papads. The paranthas are served with a splodge of tangy pickles and a bowl of curd.
Besides the paranthas they also serve puri-sabji, dal, roti and some indian-curries.

Tried and liked :
Paranthas : Sadaa-Bahar(potato-onion), Chilly-Milly(potato-sweetcorn-chillies), Your pleasure My pleasure (peas-sweetcorn-potato-onion-capsicum), Tasty bites(radish-ginger-lemon), Karram Kurram(papad-onion).

*They also do home delivery


animesh said...

The pic of the parantha with white butter itself is mouth-watering:)
Just like that...

Anonymous said...

Your pleasure My pleasure .. best description of a paratha's soul

Anonymous said...

Hey thats a yummy read! :D Making me hungry as always.. hmm.. being a blore foodie.. m sure u ve tried out fava? the med restaurant..

CynicalOxymoron™ said...

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