Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gulped @ Cafe Thulp!! Bangalore

This place is big on burgers and  sandwiches so anyone who loves burgers and has had enough of the McDonald's and the KFC's should visit Thulp.

Thulp offers a wide variety of pork and beef dishes, but as I am not too big a fan of pork and beef I limited myself to Impostor-Chicken burger, which was simply awesome. The burgers are humongous and can sometimes be a bit daunting to finish! The menu is very interesting & witty and makes you want to try out everything that there is to offer.

The overall ambiance of the place is very entertaining. You will find board games and books in the corner that can keep you occupied while you wait for your order.


rustsack said...

that's one beautiful burger... i gotta get me one asap!!! slurrrppp!!!!

hire magento developer said...

yummy. I love the design of the burger. Looks like just came out of oven.